Custom Bathroom Renovations

Berceli uses general contractors and installers that specialize in bathroom remodels for existing structures. Our projects typically involve detailed work—even on the very first visit. We’ll explain the ins and outs of your project, explaining the potential high and low range cost for each. If you like what you hear, we’ll begin your design plans. Here are some things to keep in mind for a bathroom remodel design:

Are you redecorating or remodeling?
The cost is the big difference here because remodeling requires more labor hours.

What accessories do you want?
If your current bathroom fixtures are structurally sound, it’s better for the environment to keep using it. However, that old bathtub may have seen its last day. Tubs, showers and surroundings are difficult to replace AFTER a major renovation is complete, so decide in advance what you want to do with them!

What are you doing with the flooring?
If you’re remodeling your bathroom, it makes total sense that you should replace the floors—especially if it’s carpeted (an alarming trend in bathroom design that’s more common than you’d think). If you like the look of your current hardwood or tile floors, we can refinish or regrout them to look brand new again!

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