Great Feng Shui Tips For the Kitchen

spacious kitchen designThe kitchen is the most important area of the home when it comes to promoting good health and prosperity. A kitchen with a good feng shui will bring good fortune and good health for the whole family.
One of the most important tips is to make sure that the kitchen is not visible from the main door. Imagine the house to be your body, the main entrance being your mouth and the kitchen your digestive system. The kitchen should be located deep within the house. It should be towards the back of your home, but not exactly at the back of the home, to prevent the good luck generated from escaping to easily.
The stove of the kitchen should be positioned in such a way that when a person is cooking, he or she is facing the dining or living room with her back against a wall. This is known as the “command position”.
All sharp objects and the kitchen utensils should be neatly tucked away out of sight in the cabinets, to keep the kitchen uncluttered and airy. Hanging pots and pans out into open is bad feng shui, as it promotes the accumulation of negative Chi. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen knives and other cutting instruments. Sharp objects emit a lot of shar-chi (killing energy), and are therefore best kept in drawers and cabinets.
Another great tip is to use your kitchen often. When you use your stove, wealth energy is created. So the more often you use your stove, the better. Traditional gas stoves are preferred over electronic stoves as they produce real flames. The element of the kitchen is fire. So the constant ignition of flames is beneficial to the sector.
The auspicious colors for a kitchen are reds, yellows and greens. Try to use these colors as much as possible to strengthen that element of fire in the kitchen for good luck!