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Interior home RENOVATIONS generally involve improvements to your home undertaken for the purpose of repairing or upgrading an existing element. Berceli specializes in Interior Remodeling, which may involve structural changes to the space, in addition to cosmetic changes. Consider speaking with us at the earliest stage possible, so we can share with you, valuable information for saving time, money and unnecessary stress.

Conveniently located in Upper Manhattan, We are experts in navigating through the challenges with remodeling apartments and houses in these neighborhoods. Our experience in successfully completing hundreds of projects is a definite added value when considering the best company to remodel your space. While you know best what your home really needs, it’s helpful to keep in mind which projects give you the best return on your investment. Is it better to do a minor kitchen remodel or go all out with a major remodel?

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    If you are thinking of remodeling and potentially selling your home, consider reviewing this year’s National Cost vs Value report published by Remodeling.

    National Cost vs. Value Averages 2019

    *The information above has been obtained from the annual report originally published by remodeling.  Only a portion of the report has been provided below. Please visit the link below for the full report.


    ProjectJob CostResale ValueCost Recouped
    Minor Kitchen Remodel – M$22,507$18,12380.5%
    Major Kitchen Remodel – M$66,196$41,13362.1%
    Major Kitchen Remodel – U$131,510$78,52459.7%
    Bathroom Addition – M$47,427$28,72660.6%
    Bathroom Addition – U$87,704$51,00058.1%
    Bathroom Remodel – M$20,420$13,71767.2%
    Bathroom Remodel – U$64,743$38,95260.2%
    Universal Design Bathroom – M$33,374$20,86862.5%

    The Berceli Method

    1. Consult

    At the initial consultation, we gain insight into the nature and scope of the project by discussing factors such as
    design motifs, themes, materials to be used, timeline and the general budgetary parameters.

    2. Design

    During this phase all selected components come together with floor plans, wall elevations and a 3-dimensional
    image to assist the client in visualizing the actual space. Revisions are prepared if necessary. Full-color artist
    renderings and product samples are presented. Finishing elements such as door styles, hardware, counter top
    materials, appliances, plumbing fixtures, stone vs. tile layouts, and glass enclosures are all incorporated into the
    design. A modest retainer is required at this stage.

    3. Contract

    Once the elements of your project have been chosen, the general project description are captured in a formal
    contract, outlining the scope of the work to be performed by Berceli, and the estimated cost and estimated
    timeline. Once the contract is reviewed with you step by step, it is approved, signed and a modest retainer is
    required at this stage.

    4. Install

    Once the project is accepted and approved, a contract that includes the pricing, detailed project description and
    finalized design plans is prepared and signed. The product delivery is scheduled and we coordinate with our inhouse
    design consultants, project managers and licensed installers to execute the renovation and installation.

    5. Complete

    At Berceli, we are committed to getting the job done right. Upon completion of each project we take the time
    necessary to ensure complete customer satisfaction and will make any finishing touches necessary. At Berceli,
    we guarantee our integrity, attention to detail, and the ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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